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We have available at all times 500-2,000 head of fancy replacement heifers. We offer Brangus and Brangus baldie, and also F1 Tigerstripe.

These cattle are offered for sale from weaning age up to heavy breeds and pairs, they are also offered for immediate delivery and forward contract to fit your time frame.

All the heifers are calf-hood vaccinated and go through a veterinary supervised back-grounding program.

All these heifers are sorted into uniform groups from 20 to 200 head lots, they are gentle and can be handled on foot or horseback and will call to feed.

We have been in the replacement heifer business for over 15 years and have sent cattle all over the United States and Old Mexico.

Thanks Again,replacement cattle

Ken A. Scott

Several references can be furnished.

Call for current inventory prices.

We offer quality in volume with affordable pricing.

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