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We run several hundred mother cows on native grass ranches mainly in North Central Texas and are always buying herd-sellouts mainly due to drough areas currently here in Texas.
Cows that we are taking delivery on now are coming off well managed ranches and would not normally be for sale. We don't buy any cows over 6 years of age and all cows are bangs and pregnancy tested by a licensed veterinarian so that can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.
Most of the cow herds we sell are from 50-500 head and I will always have a few smaller groups of 10-20. Cows and calves can also be branded and worked to your specifications so when they arrive at you ranch they can go straight to pasture.

We have good access to several insured trucking firms that can haul any amount at good rates. Please contact me for current inventory and prices, we also can forward contract cows for delivery to fit your timing.

Thanks Again,

Ken A. Scott

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